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Talamar Hydraulic Oil, Multi-Viscosity -50F
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Northland Talamar Premium Hydraulic Fluid is formulated to surpass the stringent performance requirements of contemporary mobile and industrial hydraulic systems. A delicate balance of state-of-the-art antiwear, antifoam, and demulsibility additives insures excellent performance and wear control. Thermal and oxidative stability are essential for deposit control and extended hydraulic fluid life. Talamar Hydraulic Fluids are formulated with exceedingly high quality paraffinic base oils, renown for exceptional thermal stability, good seal compatibility, and low temperature pumpability. Due to their frequent exposure to moisture and contamination, Northland Talamar Premium Hydraulic Fluids are proven to provide exceptional hydrolytic stability and demulsibility for positive water separation and essential rust and corrosion protection. Northland Talamar can be confidently selected for use in applications requiring a premium quality antiwear hydraulic fluid.
  • Recommended for use in both mobile and industrial high pressure hydraulic systems
  • Excellent antiwear protection.
  • Performs exceptionally in both vane and piston type pumps
  • Excellent prformance up to -51F
  • Non-Synthetic base
  • Sold by the 1 gallon

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